Getting ready to do nothing: A fisherman snowed in.

It’s about to dump 6 inches of snow on me. This sucks. Was getting a LOT of good fishing in finally and now it is about to become almost unfishable around here. Might not stick too long, but from what I can tell it is going to be real nasty out for a while. I don’t think that this is going to be fun. Whenever this happens it makes getting around to my fav spots pretty rough. It is going to at least blow out my plans to head up to some rivers by me this weekend. I know that a lot of guys who were lake fishing are also canceling out. This time of year likes to tease people with sun and then slap them down. Shame.

Snow fall and fish tails

It is about to happen, my friends. The weather patterns have stalked me down and are about to let loose a torrid of snowfall. My fishing days are severely numbered now. I tried to go out two days ago, but was a bit colder than even I can stand. I was hoping for a clearing in the cold weather, but it is icy out and even colder on the river. There isn’t much good to say about this situation.


What it does have me doing is dreaming of a winter trip to Florida for a little oceanic angling. When it’s snowing balls outside here, I could be sipping a margarita and catching some unknown monster from the deep. This is a little fantasy of mine I have each year. I never do it though. I almost went on a group trip to Belize that a fly shop near me had a couple years ago. One of my very favorite fly shops actually. I should have went. But I didn’t go, of course. Kind of wish that I had gone, though. Tropical fly fishing has always appealed to me in theory. I say “in theory” because I’m not exactly huge on being on a boat. I’d rather be wading in a river than out in the ocean. But I really do love the warm weather. And I do like catching big old fish that look like they could eat a small dog.


That is “what could have been” though. Right now I’m drinking a hot coffee and waiting to walk my dog in sub-zero conditions. So, yeah, anyplace warmer sounds a lot better. Especially when that place offers fishing for me. The only bright spot is that snow is a bit more “seasonal” and looks pretty for Xmas. But once that’s over with we still have a long, long time with more cold and snow. And a long time without being able to fish without risking the loss of a finger to frost bite. Which does actually happen to a quite a few more fishermen each year than you’d probably guess.


Perhaps I will take up ice fishing. It’s easy. And you can drink while you do it. And it requires virtually no awareness. Sure, it’s a poor substitute for the real thing, but it’s in season. Problem is the lakes around here are rarely frozen enough to allow it. It’s more of a east-coast thing I believe. That is a fair trade though. We get the good rivers and they get a frozen port-o-let with a hole in the ice. I’d like to try it at least once though. Might be boring, but it’s fishing. Better than posting blogs and such. This is about as far away from actual fishing as you can get while still talking about it. What can ya do though? Wait for summer, that’s what!

Lots of cheer this year!

I’m pumped up, guys. It’s been one heck of a fall and with Xmas right around the corner it’s still not THAT nasty. I’m getting back into fly tying a lot more and I’m getting better and better. I think that it’s pretty clear that the year 2012 was one heck of a year for fishermen. I have the whole winter ahead of me and I am really looking forward to tying more flies. There is a lot I have to learn, but I’m showing up to Saturday classes at Rocky Mountain Anglers for fly tying and it is REALLY helping me. Better yet I have even been able to fish to spite it being December! I never dreamed this would happen. It reached 68 degrees the other day and I was thrilled. The pigs were hitting on the frying pan and Boulder Creek. I had some nice success with the larger flies in my box. It’s almost like the trout were too lazy to hit anything that wasn’t gonna be a bigger sized meal.


Here’s hoping that the rest of this month keep it going strong. I know that no matter what happens that I can be active though. Just bought a new tying vise to make sure of that. It’ll be a fun winter!!!

Entering the anglers’ off-season

It’s sad when you realize that you have finished off yet another fishing season. It’s deep into fall. Christmas is right around the next corner. Fishermen everywhere are focusing more of shopping than fishing and the rivers are getting colder with each passing day.

Sure, it’ll be back in the spring. But it will be a long winter, no doubt about that. Some of my good buddies fish during the cold months, but I rarely do. I personally see these months as a better time to begin my year’s fly tying exercises. This way I’m stock piled in time for the spring rush. Also it isn’t nearly as cold behind my desk as it is outside.

I don’t care who you are, it is cold out right now. Even the best equipment you get can’t lock out all the cold air. Rivers are cold places, even in some of the “good” months. And it is for this reason that I try to cherry pick the best months. The trout stop calling me once it gets so cold I worry about my health.

Anyway I am going to try to embrace this off-season. Take up a little more tying and maybe watch a little more TV hehe. Who knows, maybe the time off will leave my body feeling better in the spring…


Sub-zero rivers make me sad.

Well, it is absolutely freezing out these days. I think that we might have hit an early winter. The rivers around me are all FAR too cold to even think of fishing on.  I was hoping that this kind of weather wouldn’t hit us all until at least December. Fishermen typically stop fishing in September, but I try to stretch the season out as long as it’s above 50 degrees outside. Well folks…. it seems as if that as come to an end finally. I’m sad now, this means that the indoor portion of my year has started. The tepid days of catching trout on #20 flies are behind us, and unless you’re REAL big into tying flies you’re gonna be sitting at home a lot for the next four months. It gets a bit less painful, since the holidays are ahead of us and we all will be quite busy with all that stuff. But I will miss my rivers, and I will miss my trophy fish. If I were to go out now I think all I would catch would be frozen fish sticks anyway lol. Well……. it was good while it lasted.

Fall fly fishing: highly dependent on weather…

Well, Halloween has passed and now we are looking Thanksgiving square in the eye. The kind weather we’ve seen here in Colorado throughout early fall is giving way slowly to the nasty snow and cold as winter nears. I have been quite active overall this fall. I fished a lot earlier on when the salmon run was hitting. I took full advantage of everything that the unusually warm fall season yielded. There was quite a large window of opportunity for fishing. I was able to take advantage of some very nice stream flows thanks to the nice fishing reports I pulled from this online fly shop. If anything I think this fall was better fishing than spring or summer was since all the tourists were off the water.

One nasty little fish

Don’t make me bite you!

Now, however, the game has changed. This past week was perhaps the last bit of decent weather we’re going to see on any consistent basis. I fully expect to spend much of the rest of 2012 tying flies in the warmth and comfort of my house. I know a few people who do brave the cold, but I’ve also seen guys who have lost fingers to frost bite. So all considered I fully intend to use much of the rest of this fall to stock up on flies. My tying skills have been getting better and better lately, and I have become a quite a bit quicker at tying new patterns. If you can’t be on the river you might as well be tying. Frankly I have been enjoying this as much as actual fishing lately since I’ve improved to much. The guys at the local fly shop have been quite impressed. So by the time spring hit I’ll have a huge stock of self-made patterns and a skill set that I can use for years to come!

So while the holidays are on the way, that doesn’t mean that you need to forget about being a fisherman. As I have discovered there is much more to our favorite sport than wading and casting. And I call on all of you to keep the fire burning throughout the long winter. I intend to blog, thanks to this new site, and also use this as a way to keep “in the game” while it’s cold outside. I hope all of you out there enjoy reading my rants, and hopefully I stick with the whole “blogging” thing. I’m new to it, but I like what I see so far. You know, it seems that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. Especially if that old dog is a crusty old trout bum. Talk to you all soon as I have more to say!